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Jamie Surya (she/her) began her journey of Yoga as a teenager looking for a way to ease the pain that inevitably comes with life. Initially drawn to meditation and yogic philosophy, her asana and pranayama practice soon followed. In 2012 at the age of 20 she opened up the Jamie Surya Yoga Studio in Sparkill, NY to share the teachings that had so strongly influenced her.


She soon realized the importance of gentle and adaptive yoga but was surprised how infrequently it was offered and discussed. This led Jamie to further her studies in anatomy, physiology, injuries, and alignment with the support of Andres Alves, PT, DPT, RYT. Jamie and Andres were the first to bring the LoveYourBrain Yoga Program to New York State, where they facilitate group discussions and adapt asana, pranayama, and meditation for individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries and their caregivers. In working with licensed mental health counselor Hayley O’Brien, M.A, LPC, RYT, Jamie deepened her studies further and learned how to adapt elements of the practice and studio space to be trauma sensitive and suitable for individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, PTSD, and other sources of trauma.


As a lululemon athletica alumni ambassador, Jamie creates and facilitates community events raising awareness and support for multiple organizations both locally and globally. In 2015, she was nominated and selected from ambassadors around the world to attend the Annual Ambassador Summit in Whistler, BC.


As an animal lover and justice seeker her whole life, human and non-human animal rights are at the forefront of Jamie’s community work. After learning of the animal abuse, environmental damage, and health impacts that result from using animals as food, clothing, and products, she set her lifelong habits and traditions aside and became vegan. Her inner yoga practice bloomed as a result of finally aligning her actions with her values and she continues to use her voice and her heart when advocating for all animals and humans alike.


Jamie co-created the community organization Together Vegan Change, a support system for local vegans and a resource for those interested in veganism. TVC organizes various community events, workshops, and forms of activism in the New York/New Jersey area. A proud supporter of her community’s local non-profits The Rockland County Pride Center and Center for Safety and Change, Jamie believes in the freedom and equality of all races, orientations, genders, and species, and will forever fight for the end of oppression for all.

Jamie is also a New York State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and rescues, rehabilitates, cares for, and releases hundreds of orphaned and injured wild animals each year. This is 100% volunteered work and she owes her education and gratitude to Animal Nation for inspiring and guiding Jamie into this new life-changing work.



Morgan Zelmer- At 8 years old, Morgan found a book on her father's bookshelf titled "The Sivananda Companion to Yoga." There were glowing, ethereal images of yogis in blissful positions, emanating pure strength and grace. Completely intrigued, she performed breathing exercises and postures from the book. She felt sensations that she had never felt before, but couldn't quite understand why...The experiences with the book faded away as many years went by.  


Flash forward to Morgan's senior year of high school. She was in a deep, depressive pit addicted to a lifestyle of self-destruction. One day, as she sat on the shores of Lake Michigan, she remembered the book, knowing that the practice of yoga was about to completely shift the course of her life. 


Deriving strength from a consistent daily practice, she found the courage to leave a life planned for her to follow her heart to New York. She completed her 200-Hour YTT at the Jamie Surya Yoga Studio.  Shortly after, she traveled to India for another 200-Hour Training specific to Kundalini Yoga. 


In addition to being a yoga teacher, Morgan is also a multi-media artist and plant-based chef at Roots Cafe. Yoga has introduced her to the abundance of creative potential within, allowing her to see all of life as art, a blank canvas awaiting exploration, practice, and mastery. She often synthesizes the practices of art and yoga in her teaching, encouraging students to awaken their inner artist and connect to the guidance arising from within. 


Theresa Talone found yoga unexpectedly at a local gym over 10 years ago. It was the best gift she’s ever received. She knew from very early on that she wanted to teach and give this gift to others. Her love for yoga is practiced on and off the mat. She incorporates a powerful, yet mindful and spiritual class with always keeping the breath as her guide. Theresa truly teaches from her heart and creates from her soul. 

“My two daughters are my biggest inspirations for strength and spirituality. They remind me how precious life is through the sound of laughter, giving hearts and uplifting energy.”


Meredith LeJeune began practicing yoga in 2009 as a way to merge dance with strength building exercising. After moving to New York in 2016 and experiencing anxiety, she reconnected with the one activity that gave her peace. Through yoga, Meredith was able to connect with God and reconnect with herself. She wanted to share that feeling with the community around her. In 2018, she became a certified yoga instructor. She has taught at yoga studios and gyms in the local area and enjoys teaching a free-loving vinyasa flow. As a woman of color in yoga, she believes representation matters.


Gina Turner is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. Raised in New York, Gina Turner is a yoga teaching, internationally touring, multi-label releasing DJ, producer, radio host, mother and label boss. She is the co-founder of The Divine Movement and helps run The Third Thing Network with her Partner, Tim Rothschild.

After experiencing a traumatic neck injury, in which she used yoga and chair yoga exclusively to rehabilitate it. In 2012 Gina was certified with her 200hr YTT through Yoga Alliance certified Frog Lotus International, in Vinyasa Flow. Gina is also a certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor with a long time passion for Ashtanga and Inyengar Yoga. Gina loves to fuse her passions of spirituality, nonduality, yoga and music to create a one of a kind experience that welcomes all with an open heart.

Most Recently, Gina has developed a deep love with yoga therapy, and how to prevent rehab injuries with this healing practice. She has also started studying with A Society of Souls in Impersonal Movement 1&2 and is currently training with Nondual Shamanic Voyaging.



Danielle Kasen started her spiritual journey at a young age by being exposed to amazing teachers: Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Nina Rao, Radha Baum, Rameshwar Das, Kate Rabinowitz and many others who taught her the lessons given by Neem Karoli Baba (also known as Maharajji). She grew up hearing incredible stories about her close family and friends and their adventures in India and she always knew she would one day be a world traveler and yogi. Danielle worked for most of her adult life as an actor and comedy writer before venturing off to China to work as a teacher for four years where she studied more about Buddhism, Taoism, Mandarin and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Since her return to the U.S., and with the guidance of Ram Dass, she decided it was time to continue her teaching in the classroom as well as become a student in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Many magical moments happened there for her, but her favorite moment was meeting and connecting with Jamie Surya. 


During the day, Danielle is a middle school teacher where she educates students on Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness. 


Danielle’s true soulmates are the animals, her favorite teachers are her students, teaching yoga is her happy place, laughing and making others laugh is her favorite part of the day and her life is her practice. 


Danielle’s life mantra: “I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion - and where it isn’t, that’s where my work lies.” - Ram Dass

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“I started yoga teacher training at the Jamie Surya Yoga Studio in January 2020 with the intent to integrate yoga with my career as a social worker.  My personal practice of yoga and this teacher training have been healing in ways I did not know I needed.  Through the nerves came light and with the pain came ease. During this process it became more and more clear that this is my greater purpose. To share this practice with others both on the mat and off, is what I am meant to be doing. 

Through COVID and this long year of 2020, I finally arrived to graduation in November.  To my own surprise, I also felt called to teach in a studio.  I was warmly welcomed to sub classes at Jamie's studio which began my teaching journey. 

I have also slowly been introducing and welcoming these practices into my career as a social worker.  I am currently employed as a therapist at an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab, and I am humbly guiding meditation in my group facilitation and have begun integrating yoga as well.  

It warms my heart to share these practices each day with my clients who struggle with addiction and mental illness. I am so proud and honored to be able to do what I do.” - Lauren Mongiori

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Robin Roppo (she/her) is a holistic healer and yogi who discovered yoga in 2008 while living in Hoboken, NJ. As her family began to grow, her practice expanded into prenatal yoga as a way to honor the body through the metamorphosis of pregnancy and motherhood.

Robin is a classically trained, board-certified Homeopath and holds a certificate in Homeopathy Studies from the Academy of Homeopathy Education and holds the designation and highest USA certification awarded by the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC), which provides a multi-disciplinary credential for the homeopathic professional. With a background in analytics, marketing and sales, she also holds degrees in Music Business and Marketing Management.

As a Magdalene Rose Priestess, Robin invites those around her to live and lead with their heart and serves clients through in-person and virtual community women's circles, private mentoring, workshops, retreats and Blessingways for expectant mothers.

Completing Yoga Teacher Training with Jamie Surya has provided a beautiful modality to compliment to Robin’s offerings to ignite and reconnect with the divine feminine and the evolving dance of balance and union with the divine masculine; incorporating movement and breathwork to facilitate that ever-changing journey of uniting and integrating the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Robin maintains her family, homeschooled children, chickens and private practice in Piermont, NY.

Andres Alves has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has been working as a Physical Therapist for the last 10 years. His jiu jitsu practice and in-depth work with the body led him to his first yoga class, where he quickly felt the benefits of both body and mind. Always looking to learn more, Andres found the Jamie Surya Yoga Studio and after developing a consistent practice, he decided to take the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Jamie Surya Yoga Studio.


Andres is inspired by the beauty of movement, deep healing, and his understanding of the body on many levels. Each one of his classes include an extensive understanding of anatomy, attention to safe and logical movement, all tied with the freedom to take your body where it wants to go.